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Book MY Story


Book MY Story

I Believe Every Childs Dream is To Become Famous Some Day

Why Book My Story? How Can It Help Your Child?

Every day, children  suffer in silence, and this is a cause for concern. Every child  has a story to tell. Book my story is one of the ways to get children to open up and talk about whatever may be bothering them.  The problems that some children have to deal with on a daily basis sometimes goes unnoticed, and is now becoming a silent suicide to many. We must do something to save them.  We hear about teenagers committing suicide, and this does not just occur overnight. I believe it can derive from some painful wounds on the inside. Fear for their lives, a feeling of isolation and refusing to talk to someone. This is definitely something to take a closer look into. Some Children, from the time they enter their teens are pressured into things they would not normally do, and this is because they want to be accepted.  We definitely know that this is a problem that cannot be overlooked.  While we may not be able to solve most of the problems, we must encourage children to come out from their hiding places and talk about the issue that is bothering them. In that case we can try our best to help them before it is too late. Children must be able to go to school and get an education without being afraid of some child bullying them. I have come up with this idea so that those who suffer in silence will now have a voice and feel free to speak out.  Every story will be published on this website.

Not only that, we will be working with a publishing Company to have every child's story published in one book.  And of course, in order to do that, there will be a small fee of $35 for every child. This will go towards a portion of the cost of printing and publishing. This is just amazing! This will help to build a child's self-esteem and  also prepare them for a bright future. Children are excited, and we're excited too. All children must submit their story  to:

Meet The Team


Jaeden M Vesingi


Barbara Ann Hayes


Shereen St.Loui's 

About the Team

 Barbara Ann Hayes , and Shereen St. Loui's 


Shereen holds a Diploma in child special needs education,

 and work with the York District School Board of Education

Assist with social development

behavioral and class room management 

coach and mentor in self  esteem

Shereen loves children and believe that all children

should be treated equally.

Barbara Ann  

Pastor and Community Service Worker 

Barbara help out in several churches across Ontario 

 One of her passion is to help children  to unwrap their God-given  gifts

and display them to the world.